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Remaddening, the sequel to madnessMADNESSmadness (and shortened preferrably to either Rm or just mMm2), builds off the original in several ways. It incorporates changes that were necessary from the start and frequently suggested.

Firstly, the graphics have been smoothened (though not changed). An overlay is used to make the colouring of the walls completely smooth, and each block is drawn with double the triangles to reduce the cornery bits where roundness should have been.

Instead of a single looping level, there are now three variants of it - Classic (the unaltered original), Easified (the wall starts off slower and the level is easier, with less spikes, less holes and more leeway), and Hardened (tons more spikes and requires a huge level of agility to perfect). On top of this, No Backsies is a mode where you only control your jumping, the level you are given requires no backtracking, you move right automatically and the wall is going at the same speed as you at all times.

Finally, something much requested on mMm - there is a procedural generation mode. This is done carefully to ensure nothing is impossible; nevertheless, it's entirely randomised, unpredictable, and works smoothly and effectively. It is also a continuous generation - it doesn't make some level then loop it, it simply creates as you follow its path and removes itself when done with.

An NTP-esque colourisation tool is included to give it a little graphical variety, allowing you to modify the colours of all the items in-game. This is automatically saved and your game will reopen the same colour if you decide to replay.

The game is tied together with an easy to use menu system, which displays an eight-line poem for each of the five game modes as well as individual highscores for each, the link to colourisation, and a page showing all the button shortcuts.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the game if you decide to give it a shot, and if you want, leave some feedback down below. It's all, of course, appreciated, read and taken into account. Thanks!
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